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Is Na’Vi’s total domination gone?

Posted by AraDota

Yesterday I watched all the games of the PRODOTA World league Grand Finals and I thought that those teams, POTM Bottom and CLG, were really in shape and they could be considered at Na'Vi level. So today I watched the Na'vi vs POTM Bottom game at The Defense and so far, I watched only the first game, it looks like my feelings were right. It all started with a few losses and now in my opinion it's now very clear that Na'Vi's total domination is gone, at least at the moment. This doesn't mean at all that they are a weak team, they are still one of the top teams in the world. They just aren't the uncontested kings of dota. A lot of teams are really starting to evolve their game rapidly and many times in a very surprising way aswell.

Logically it's normal, the big big prize is getting closer and closer. The International 2 it's at the end of this month and many many team have started to work hard. They all want the million, it's not like all those 10000$ tournaments out there. People is willing to work very hard for such a big prize. Honestly, I keep writing about this, but I really think The International 2 will set a whole new level for the competition and the show. Teams are probably testing secret surprise strategy to win hard opponents: a lot of money and great visibility are fueling the dedication of professional teams a lot. I just can't wait to see those games..

EDIT - a few hours later

I just watched game 2 aswell and I must say this is one of the best replays I have seen in a while, a very balanced and high skilled DOTA 2 game. I definitely suggest you to watch this!


Another EHOME dominated match

Posted by AraDota

Here's another EHOME-dominated game, I'm pretty sure they will be one of the most feared LAN opponents in the near future. My hype for The International 2 is growing everyday, there have never been so many good professional teams all over the world. It will be an amazing show! Have a look at this unstoppable NAGA RUBICK TIDE  trilane on he hard lane, it's really really hard to deal with a lane like this played properly.

Later in the game the Naga will get a quick Hearth of the Tarrasque and how do you take down a team like that? No way. Very well played game with this chinese touch I've always loved being played since DotA 1 times.


EHOME is becoming more and more scary, M5 surrenders after 5 minutes

Posted by AraDota

I really wanted to make a post about this because I found it very scary. M5, the russian powerhouse, was totally demolished in 6 minutes.

I think that the International 2 will bring a lot of surprises, chinese DOTA 2 is seriously starting to kick off and the show may simply get to the next level.

Honestly I just can't wait to see those games!


How to play Enchantress: Akke and Awoke’s Enchantress

Posted by AraDota

CLG and CLC Enchantress players in action. A comparison between European and Asian style, very interesting in my opinion. There is also a very good micro showoff with a creep blocking + orb walking ench simultaneously!


ProDOTA WL – EHOME vs DK – May 2012

Posted by AraDota

Guys I just watched this game and I must admit I was really missing the good old chinese 100% "be careful and farm" games! And this game was less boring that many others "action EU games" in my opinion.. There is something magical in teams focusing on making as little mistakes as possible instead of playing super aggressive... I really suggest you to watch this if you have never seen a chinese high skill game, there is a lot to learn and it's very cool to see how different "dota cultures" can be. Enjoy!


Witch Doctor: Ara’s Analysis – Dota 2

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Is lich still a competitive pick?

Posted by AraDota

Lich Dota 2Lich used to be first ban/pick material but now look kind of forgotten and hated. Why? Something has changed, but what? Did Lich suddenly become so bad?

Lich is a support hero with a strong aoe ultimate (Chain Frost), which means strong teamfight potential, a decent slow/nuke (Frost Nova/Frost Blast) and a good lategame support skill (Ice Armor/Frost Armor). But his most important skill is Sacrifice (Dark Ritual): this skill allows him to deny an allied creep to regerate his mana. This means that he is very good at controlling the hard lane and provides an experience/gold advantage since the opponents are getting less creeps to farm. Lich  can shine without any item at all, being one of the most item indipendent heroes in the game but can make a good use of mekansm  providing even more tankability to his team.

Looks good so far right? So why the hell is he becoming less and less popular in competitive Dota 2? The answer is that the current metagame has little place for this kind of lane domination heroes and favours heavily push and map control lineups. Let's think about a support hero that is now top top tier: Chen. This hero can control the lane very aggresively pushing towers and providing very quick gold and map control advantage to his team and lich has no hope versus this kind of hero: denying creeps will just make the opponents push faster and stronger.

So, is Lich totally useless at the moment? The answer in my opinion is absolutely NO, but it's very important to pick it versus the right heroes. If opponents have any very early push potential (chen, ench, leshrac,..) lich is a big no no but he can still shutdown a farming easy lane, especially if paired with a strong laner like windrunner, beastmaster, darkseer, etc.. Canonical solo hardlaners let's say.


New website, new domain and ready to rock

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Hi guys!
Ara is back with a brand new website and a new domain:! Stay tuned for some high quality Dota 2 strategy tips and have a look at my facebook page to recive updates!

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